Custom tailoring

The range of activities of Jirina Tauchmanova’s salon in the area of custom tailoring

Fashion designing and services for companies

Fashion shows

In addition to our own collection we provide

  • models
  • styling
  • choreography
  • music

Styling and image consulting

As a part of styling and image consulting we provide 

  • training of managers and management of companies - corporate styling, business dressing
  • advice for individuals in the Jirina Tauchmanova’s studios (Prague, Nova Paka)
  • typology
  • lectures and seminars

Renting and sales of collections

  • renting of designs to individuals, including greater quantities
  • sale of selected designs from fashion shows for a favourable price

Cooperation in the field of advertising and marketing

Offer of partnership

  • presentation of partners in printed and online media
  • presentation of partners at fashion shows and other events