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For me Jirina is an example of hard work and honest approach to the craft. For me her work is a fountain of colours and shapes, betrothed to the quality of courage to create and combine unusual and fresh. I recommend to all who wish to enjoy the luxury of perfect handling and even have the courage to change something in their habitual way of clothing. Jirina will be an inspiring guide to finding ways to present oneselves by clothes. With her help you will feel great.

Vera Horstova, artist

To all brides I would recommend to visit Jirina Tauchmanova's site and view all the beautiful dresses. They are unique and original – and every bride really wants to be unique, original and beautiful. And most of them can be, thanks to designs by Jirina Tauchmanova. On my D-Day, I really felt like a princess admired by everyone around, I was the centre of attention for remark-ability, beauty and originality, so I have felt as I wanted to feel. Even today, when we look at the photographs, we are impressed.

Jitka Brotankova

Jirinka is close to my heart. I always know which clothes I want to wear, and Jirinka fulfils all my wishes. It is not just clothes for me, they are like my second skin. I feel great in them – womanly, and mainly comfortable. I love her clothes and admire her overall work. Jirinka is not only my leading designer, but also a friend, with whom I feel always excellently and I like visiting her.

Tereza Kostková, actress and moderator

I love well-fitting trousers and sleek rock style. All this Jirinka is able to combine beautifully together. Jirinka dressed me for the show Duets...when the stars are singing, it was an amazing experience, and our cooperation persists, I am extremely happy. I think we understand each other and in our outfits we combine everything we could and they turn out very well. I feel very womanly in her beautifully fitting corsets, which are accompanied by even more amazing trousers. If you want something beautiful, original and womanlike, I think Jirinka Tauchmanova is the right choice.

Petra Janu, singer and actress

I love offbeat originality and flair. Jirinka is able to combine this. The designs are great, gorgeous and creative. She can make a beautiful outfit out of simple clothes by adding a detail. I don’t like decorations, but a well-placed detail can also make simple things look unique – something you cannot get at the mall. Clothing must be like icing on the cake and she is good at that. Working with her was amazing.

Petr Kolář, singer

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